Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Time To Be Grateful Awards Dinner

Close up Photo of Gussi Peace Prize Award - Presented to Yank in the Philippines 

Yank Barry was invited as the Keynote Speaker to the 7th Annual "A Time to Be Grateful" Awards Dinner held in Louisville Kentucky December 18th sponsored by The Muslim Journal.  The event was well attended with our 2,000 in attendance. Funds raised were in support of charity.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Gusi Peace Prize Ceremony - Manila Philippines

  Nov 24 2010 in the presence of 10,000 dignitaries and guests in Manila, Philippines the Ceremony for the Gusi International Peace Prize was held.  We at the Foundation are so proud of Yank Barry, founder of Global Village Champions Foundation for his Award "Social Services, Philanthropy and International Humanitarianism"...quoted at the ceremonies as "The Man That Could End World Hunger"

In recognition of the excellent work of the Ambassador Barry Gusi, his wife Dr. Evelyn Gusi Yank gifted the poor children of the Philippines with 1 Million Meals

 "I share this honor with every person who volunteers to help others and ever wonders if anyone notices or cares. Never forget, at least two people care, you and the person you are helping. Invest some time in the people around you. Support your local food bank or volunteer at a shelter for people who need temporary help.... Share your resources and compassion. It will come back to you when you least expect it and need it"....Yank Barry 


An amazing group of leaders from around the World gathered to be recognized in their various fields . It is a humbling experience to receive this recognition as the 2010 Laureate for Social Services Philanthropy and International Humanitarianism . As the first Canadian to receive this honour I share this with all of Canada. (Yank Barry)

Memorable Moments 

Yank and Dr. Michael Nobel

The Vice-President of the Philippines, Yvette Barry and Yank

 For More on this story: CNBC Coverage Yahoo News

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet The Champions - Yank Barry

Meet The Champions -

- A Series of Articles to Introduce You to the Amazing Individuals that share our goal to see an end to world hunger.  They have joined an elite list of Entertainers, Sports Figures, Politicians, Industry Leaders who Global Village Champions Foundation have bestowed the honour of being our "Champions". Individuals who give of their time, effort, money and expertise to raise funds to enable the Foundation to travel to some of the poorest nations in the world to deliver much needed food, supplies and medical attention. 

Article 1 - Yank Barry - Founder and CEO of Global Village Champions Foundation

Born on January 29, 1948 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Yank enjoyed 30 years in the music industry as a singer, composer, arranger and producer. He started his career in 1965 as the lead singer of the Footprints and singing “Never Say Die”.  In 1967, he became the lead singer of the touring Kingsmen and is best known for the classic song “Louie, Louie”. Yank pioneered the first quadraphonic record album along with Robert Lifton and Ben Lanzaroni in 1970. He then recorded the Rock Opera “The Diary of Mr. Gray” in 1971 which led to appearances on the Mike Douglas Show, the Merv Griffin Show and the Sally Jessy Raphael Show. In 1975, Yank composed, sang and produced “Welcome Home POW’s” for then President Richard M. Nixon. He produced the Broadway show “Let My People Come” at the Imperial Theater in 1979. Yank’s career in the music industry saw him work with artists as diverse as Alice Cooper, Charlie Rich, David Foster, Tom Jones, Gary U.S. Bonds, Ben E. King, Engelbert Humperdinck and many more. He has also enjoyed success in the field of advertising jingles. Some of his numerous jingles include Kellogs Raisin Bran, Dr. Pepper, Kodak, Red Lobster and General Motors.

During his music career, Yank started some of his early philanthropic endeavors, encouraging colleagues to put on concerts for various causes helping countless people with his efforts on behalf of drug prevention, social causes and hunger.

In 1990, Yank developed VitaPro, a soy based meat replacement product. It was Yank’s entry into the food industry as founder and Chairman of VitaPro that would change his life and the lives of countless other people forever. While expanding the distribution of his soy product around the world, Yank encountered people whose desperate living conditions touched his heart. One of Yank’s core beliefs is “No one should go hungry”.  He started donating his product to various charities in Canada and the US. Witnessing the tremendous need, Yank invited his dear friend Muhammad Ali to become the first Global Village Champion, and to join him in working towards a day without hunger. Yank’s philanthropic efforts, through Global Village Market, reached around the world to refugee camps, orphanages and areas struck by disaster.

Yank has traveled throughout Africa, the Orient and Asia bringing with him food, medical supplies clothing and educational tools.  He has helped countless people in their time of need, going to unstable areas when very few would lend a helping hand.  Through Global Village Market, Yank has provided over 450 million meals to hungry people worldwide including the Philippines.

Yank responded quickly when a catastrophic earthquake shook Port-au-Prince Haiti to the ground. Watching the news and seeing the devastation, he did not wait for the main airport to be made operational. He flew to Haiti from his home in Nassau Bahamas with a chartered private plane numerous times. He personally accompanied the shipments of food, water and medical supplies to ensure that they reached the people in need. Yank brought a team together with immediate action, going into the rubble when barely any other organization could. He brought medical supplies to make- shift hospitals. He found orphanages barely surviving on scraps amid the dust and rubble. The staff often giving up what little food they had to feed the children until Yank and his team showed up to supply food, water, clothing, candy and toys. Global Village Champions worked hand in hand with the Haiti Disaster Relief team, the Haitian Red Cross, the Haitian Rotary Club and the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital.  Through these tireless efforts, he has helped numerous Haitians rebuild their lives in their native country. Yank’s ultimate goal, with the support of his army of Global Village Champions, is to knock out World Hunger.

Yank has received nearly two dozen awards recognizing his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. He has received among others, 1998 Cote D’Ivoire Humanitarian Peace Award, 1999 Liberian Humanitarian, 2000 Juarez Hands of Love and Hope, 2005 Red Cross Humanitarian and the 2008 India – Humanitarian Service Award. In their October 2000 issue, Millionaire Magazine referred to Yank Barry as “The Man Who Could End World Hunger.” 

Yank's Most Recent Award is to be named the 2010 Laureate: The International Gusi Peace Prize, the first Canadian to ever receive this recognition.

Social Services, Philanthropy & International Humanitarianism
Feeding millions of children worldwide.

To Find out more information about Yank and Global Village Champions Foundation please visit our website:A Day Without Hunger

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Yank Barry - 2010 Laurette - Social Services, Philanthropy & International Humanitarianism

Yank who founded Global Village Champions Foundation 15 years ago has been recognized for his tireless efforts for travelling the world to feed the worlds starving children. For the first time in the history of the International Gussi Peace Price the Award has been given to a Canadian Citizen...it is with Pride that Yank will travel to the Philippines on November 24th to be presented with his award in person.

Social Services, Philanthropy & International Humanitarianism
Feeding millions of children worldwide.

He will be joined by: "Buck" Revell who is a Member of The Foundation's
 Board of Directors and Walter Maibaum who is an Advisor to the Board ~

International Law Enforcement & Peace Keeping
Associate Deputy Director of FBI

Visual Arts & Art Preservation


 For a Complete List of Honorees please visit here:
Gusi Peace Prize International 2010 Awardees

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efforts to end world hunger.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gussi Peace Prize

2010 GUSI PEACE PRIZE awarded to Yank Barry in the field of International Humanitarianism and Philanthropy for his untiring efforts as founder of Global Village Champions Foundation. Over 417 million meals provided since 1995. For details see attached photo. To help Yank end World hunger go to http://www.globalvillagechampions.org/

See Post Below for Information About the Gussi Peace Prize Organization

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Gusi Peace Prize - Honoring Distinguished Individuals

The Gusi Peace Prize represents one of the highest honors for distinguished individuals from the four corners of the globe. In recognizing the most brilliant examples of those working toward the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity, the Gusi Peace Prize brings out the best of human achievements, ideals and values.

The Gusi Peace Prize Awards, which began seven years ago, is based in Manila and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The humanitarian foundation, with 85 members from New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, China, Greece, Brazil and the Philippines, helps hundreds of thousands of poor people who suffer from natural calamities in the Philippines. But it is more famous for its work of recognizing and honoring selected leaders from all over the world who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields while promoting the causes of peace and humanitarianism.
The mission of the Gusi Peace Prize, in its founder’s own words, is to champion human rights and maintain governance, democracy, equality, international peace and goodwill. It is also committed to working for people’s amelioration through medical missions, outreach programs and counseling to the deprived, the abused, the humiliated and the sick.

The awards are given out every year to individuals and groups worldwide who have proven themselves to be brilliant exemplars of society, as well as contributors to peace and human rights. The foundation receives more than 1,000 proposals each year but the 13 members of the committee strictly select only 15. All prospective awardees must be unanimously endorsed by their organizations who know and attest that the awardees are worthy of such. Nominations related to any particular member of the organization shall not be entertained unless it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that such distinction is beyond question.
Besides organizing the annual Gusi Peace Prize, the foundation does humanitarian work in the country’s poorest corners with help from rich friends and corporations who would often donate goods that the poor can use, like clothes, shoes, home products, or food.

A Complete List of Former Recipients

This years nominations will be released in a Press Release at the end of May and the Awards Ceremony will be held in the Philippines  in November 2010. The event will host 10,000 guests. To find out more about this Philanthropic Organization visit their website: Gusi Peace Prize

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hope for Haiti Update

Sunday Feb 21 2010 Yank Barry and a number of the Global Village Champions delivered more meals and medical supplies personally to orphans in Haiti. This is what our medical officer had to say based on his personal observations.

"I had the opportunity to visit, feed, and examine two dozen orphans at "La Divine Mercy Orphanage" in Haiti on Sunday Feb. 21 2010. I was brought to the orphanage by Mr. Yank Barry, Global Village Champions, and the Haiti Rotary Club.

I am a board certified family physician in the US, and I was accompanied by my wife, Karen, who is a childhood developmental disability specialist.

The children were clean and interactive. But unfortunately they were all malnourished. The orphanage is only able to provide basic food staples intermittently. As a result, the orphans are not only small for their age, but also showed other signs of both marasmus and kwashiorkor malnutrition. My wife also observed developmental delays in all age groups which is also linked to malnutrition.

The children in Haiti, both in the orphanage as well as along the roadside, need more complete nutrition beyond the corn meal, rice, and bean rations. I would recommend nutritional supplementation for the children to include daily macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals."

Daniel Stanhiser, MD

Meet some of these beautiful children: Judlin~6 years old, Casey~5 years old, Santana ~ 5 years old, David ~ 5 years Old, Alex ~ 10 years old, and many, many more.  As you will hear in the video, these children were found living in the garbage dumps, starving, frightened, alone and struggling to survive every minute of every day.  They are some of the luckier ones because the orphanage has provided them with basics.  Much more needs to be accomplished not only for these children but for the children that line the roadways all over Haiti.

This was our 6th trip to Haiti since the devastating earthquake hit in January...just one of the many more that our team will be making....we have a huge task ahead but we are committed to the children and people of Haiti.

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To find out more information on our Foundation, please visit our website: A Day Without Hunger

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

$10.00 X "The Power of You"

What can one person and a donation of just $10.00 possibly do to help the people of Haiti.

With the spotlight now moving away from Haiti, especially in light of the earthquake that hit Chili yesterday it is so important to not let the plight of the people and especially the orphaned children fade away.

Here is a picture of Hope for the Orphans of  Haiti - Yank Barry and an orphanage just outside of Port-au-Prince.  These children are the lucky ones..they are safe inside of the walls of the orphanage and have hope.  Our foundation has committed to support these beautiful children.

Here is an excerpt from an email sent to our Foundations Executive Director. This was a group of private citizens that made the trip to Haiti to see first hand what was happening.  I must warn you that parts are very difficult to read:

"When we arrived, it was not like that at all. The destruction was beyond belief trust me. Buildings were in pieces and the entire infrastructure of the Country is gone. It seemed very unorganized and no one knew who reported to whom. Even our military who was based at the airport had no clue what they were doing there. On the news there are pleas for Doctors and Nurses. We brought down 12 Doctors and Nurses on the first plane and an additional 15 on the 2nd. When they got there and went to University Hospital they were turned away, told that they were not needed and were not "Federalized". Even though there are thousands of people dying each day and thousands waiting in line for medical help at these hospitals, they did not want our medical supplies or help from our Doctors. It was unreal.....
We convoyed to Leogane, where the epicenter was about a 2 1/2 hour drive. It was beyond devastating there. We were the FIRST people to go there and this was 15 days after the earthquake! Not one relief mission, military force, UN group, NGO, etc was there before us and this is where the most devastation was. Everybody was scared to go there and even though we have tons of military troops on the ground and the airport is overflowing with supplies, none of it is getting to these people.....

We treated over 600 patients at that location in 6 hours with 2 Doctors, 3 Nurses and 6 volunteers. It was heart breaking. We saw horrible infections and some massive injuries. We ended up evacuating some people and bringing them back with us to the airport to the University of Miami Medical Center tent. Our evacuations included a 6 year old girl with a crushed finger that needed to get amputated, a 6 year old girl with Tetanus ( she ended up dying later that night), a 3 month old girl with a skull fracture, a 12 year old boy with a bad leg infection, etc.. It was like the Apocalypse. We couldn't believe how many people had such serious injuries and were unattended to for over 2 weeks.....

In 3 days we treated over 1,000 people, saved at least 100 lives, administered tons of antibiotics, distributed thousands of pounds of food and water, etc.. We became the "Robin Hood" gang of the airport base. After we saw that the supplies were not being distributed and were sitting there for days, including 1000's of cases of water from the UN and tons of meals from the Indian Army, we took it all and brought it to the people. Never once did they riot or get out of hand. I think the way food is being distributed by the Army and UN is sad. They throw the food at them from the back of a truck. That is why they act like animals. Treat them like animals and people will act that way" 

When I read this email, I cried and couldn't believe what I was reading..where are all the charities and organizations that received millions of dollars in donations...where is the money going...you need to decide

Video footage of a Tent Village from our trip February 23rd. 2010 

So, I come back to the original question: Your $10.00 multiplied will have a huge impact.  We are a private foundation, we have no red tape to contend with, we have an existing network that we work with in Haiti.  We have partnerships with the churches and leaders in Haiti.  The work ahead is monumental, but we are experienced, we are committed.  We need the funds to help us reach our goals.

A Day Without Hunger - Help Haiti 

Thank you for your commitment to our cause.

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Hope for Haiti - Partnering with the Red Cross

Our Foundation has partnered with the Bahamas Red Cross and we have made several deliveries of food, water and medical supplies to Port-au-Prince.  Yank Barry, the founder and chairman flew to Haiti within days of the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video footage that was shot of Yank and a volunteer from the Bahamas Red Cross.

When you decide to contribute to our relief efforts in Haiti, 100% of your donation goes to the Haitian people, via food, water, clothing and medical supplies.  We privately fly your donations into Haiti and with the partnerships that we have formed these supplies are delivered directly to where the need is.  We do not just drop them off  at warehouses at the airport and hope that they make it to the people.  We deliver them direct.

It is important that you understand that we have complete transparency...we have our manifests stamped and authenticated.  Here is a copy of the letter that we received from the Bahamas Red Cross thanking us for the first delivery of goods.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and learn about us and what we are accomplishing in Haiti..we have a brand-new website under construction.  This site will have live streams directly from Haiti so that you can monitor out progress there.  The live feeds will broadcast 12 hours aday.

Please visit our website and donate to help us continue our efforts in Haiti.

A Day With Out Hunger -Haiti Relief

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