Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Day WIthout Hunger

Global Village Champions Foundation strives to be the world wide leader in the humanitarian delivery of nutritious meals to starving people around the globe.  Our goal is to see A Day Without Hunger by December 31st. 2013.  To that end we have already delivered 492 Million Meals towards our goal of 1 Billion Meals.

"I wish, said the emperor, that my people always be protected from famine. And God gave him a soybean" (Chinese legend).

We thought you might like to be informed of the type of nutritious meals that we donate to countries around the globe. In 2011 Global Village Champions Foundation has delivered disaster relief in the form of meals to Haiti, The Philippines, Japan, Thailand and Alabama in the southern States. In addition to Vita Pro meals we supply rice and beans, water, medical supplies and basic needs. 

The food that Global Village Champions Foundation delivers is a soy based meat protein replacement called Vita Pro.  Vita Pro was not just born from the desire to replace meat protein with a much healthier vegetable protein, VitaPro is the culmination of years of research into a produce that would be able stable in all environments, as well as easily prepared and distributed in relief situations.

VitaPro is one of the main products used in disaster relief situations around the world.

According to the Pasteur Institute of Lille:

Soya's components have nutritional properties which allow soya-based food products to play a favourable role in a balanced diet. They help us to approach the nutritional recommendations.
The soybean is a food which belongs to the origins and to the future of humanity. It is the food of the future.

VitaPro is a particular presentation of soybeans transformed by a well-developed texturing technology.  Among the ingredients are soya flour and textured soya proteins. There are two versions of VitaPro: beef-flavoured and chicken-flavoured . With these two flavours, VitaPro is positioned as a meat substitute. To read the complete report: Vita Pro




Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director