Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hope for Haiti Update

Sunday Feb 21 2010 Yank Barry and a number of the Global Village Champions delivered more meals and medical supplies personally to orphans in Haiti. This is what our medical officer had to say based on his personal observations.

"I had the opportunity to visit, feed, and examine two dozen orphans at "La Divine Mercy Orphanage" in Haiti on Sunday Feb. 21 2010. I was brought to the orphanage by Mr. Yank Barry, Global Village Champions, and the Haiti Rotary Club.

I am a board certified family physician in the US, and I was accompanied by my wife, Karen, who is a childhood developmental disability specialist.

The children were clean and interactive. But unfortunately they were all malnourished. The orphanage is only able to provide basic food staples intermittently. As a result, the orphans are not only small for their age, but also showed other signs of both marasmus and kwashiorkor malnutrition. My wife also observed developmental delays in all age groups which is also linked to malnutrition.

The children in Haiti, both in the orphanage as well as along the roadside, need more complete nutrition beyond the corn meal, rice, and bean rations. I would recommend nutritional supplementation for the children to include daily macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals."

Daniel Stanhiser, MD

Meet some of these beautiful children: Judlin~6 years old, Casey~5 years old, Santana ~ 5 years old, David ~ 5 years Old, Alex ~ 10 years old, and many, many more.  As you will hear in the video, these children were found living in the garbage dumps, starving, frightened, alone and struggling to survive every minute of every day.  They are some of the luckier ones because the orphanage has provided them with basics.  Much more needs to be accomplished not only for these children but for the children that line the roadways all over Haiti.

This was our 6th trip to Haiti since the devastating earthquake hit in January...just one of the many more that our team will be making....we have a huge task ahead but we are committed to the children and people of Haiti.

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Jackie Bigford
Global Village Champions Foundation
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