Friday, October 7, 2011

A Day Without Hunger - Membership Campaign

If you could make a difference in a hungry child's life with a $10.00 Members Fee,  would you? If you knew that the $10.00 not only feeds a hungry child but that it fosters hope for the future, would you become apart of a caring community. If you knew that your membership fee supports an orphanage in Haiti, would you join. Global Village Champions Foundation and Yank Barry have adopted the entire orphanage and the children are thriving with our support.

Yank Barry with the children of La Divine Mercy Orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti
If you knew that your annual fee of $10.00 helped to support a Hospice in the Philippines for children of families that cannot afford proper medical care, would you join us?

Ricky Reyes, Yank Barry at a Hospice in The Philippines, Yank fell in love with these beautiful children and committed to supply food to the hospice for the next year

For almost 20 years philanthropist Yank Barry and his close personal friend Muhammad Ali have been quietly travelling the globe taking food to children in dire circumstances.  The Foundation has been private until 2010 and food and funding has been provided by Yank and his many caring friends, many of them celebrities and many of them have Become Global Village Champions

Muhammad Ali and Yank Barry on one of our many trips to Africa

Global Village Champions Foundation not only has delivered over 526 Million Meals to people in need, we are also first responders to many of the world's natural disasters, with critical medical, water and food supplies.  We have established strong partnerships with many other charitable organizations including Care, The Rotary, Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Doctors Without Borders and many more. 

Timeline of Relief Effort

Food Distribution Field Reports

So Why a Members Campaign? We are committed to building a community of individuals from around the world.  That is one reason why we kept the annual fee to $10.00.  We wanted to encourage people from all economic backgrounds to become involved, to be a part of the solution, to know that there participation goes beyond a financial contribution.

With the many devastating natural disasters that the world has endured in the last few years you never know when you will be the person asking for help.  Many times "Villagers" (as we are called) will reach out to let us know of a situation in their own community that could use help. A recent example came from a Villager in Alabama.  He contacted us to let us know how critical things were in Alabama after the devastating tornadoes and that there was no access to drinking water. Partnering with the Salvation Army in Birmingham we bought all available bottled water we could locate and delivered 9200 bottles to them, along with energy bars and canned  food.  Yank Barry jumped on a plane and went to survey the damage himself to see what other help we could give to the region. 

Membership in Global Village Champions Foundation has benefits.  You will be entered into a Members Only draw to win one of 50 pairs of VIP Tickets to Las Vegas, flight, 3 nights, $1,000.00 spending money and VIP seat to the much anticipated Pacquiao vs Marquez Welter-weight World Championship Title, VIP Passes to the Weigh-in and an exclusive after-party. (please note that this expense is being paid for by Yank Barry and not the Foundation or your membership fees). Become a Member

So where do you come in, there is power in a Social Crowd. A group of dedicated friends can raise thousands for charities and if a gaming element was added. such as Empire Avenue it has been demonstrated the tremendous power to affect someone’s actions by providing game-style achievements.  The charitable and game motivations combined can certainly change the world in a very positive manner.

To help increase our members base  a group of Empire Avenue Participants have generously pledged (to buy shares) their eaves to anyone who joins our community. Below is a chart of those that have become members as well as those that have pledged their eaves. When you buy shares in those that are members would you kindly use the hashtags: #ADayWithoutHunger and #EAv4Good - this will let the person know that you are honouring your pledge.

October 26th UPDATE: Welcome to several new members who have joined our community to make a difference in the lives of hungry children.

The table will be updated as we go, please let us know if you become a member in the comment section below. or on Empire in the shareholder email or let me know on Facebook.  As of the launch we have a commitment of 1750 share purchase in your stock, and I am sure this will increase as word spreads. If you would like to donate shares, please leave a comment and you will be added.  Shares purchases can be spread over a period of time in order to reward all paying members. Please make sure to leave your name and your eave ticker.

1 Jackie Bigford (e)JackiesBuzz 350 YES

2 Global Village (e)GOGVM 200 YES

3 Steven Hughes (e)SBHSBH 500 YES

4 William Pitcher (e)WMPITCHER 600 YES

5 Cyndee Haydon (e)CYNDEEHAYDON 600 YES

6 Dolphins Love Us (e)Dolphins 200 YES

7 Naomi Shapiro (e)NAOMI

8 Jackie Green (e)VIEWERSCOURT

9 Michael Robinson (e)GENERATEUK 100 YES

10 Adriel Hampton (e)ADRIEL 600

11 Tom Cooley (e)DOMINOORACLE 600

12 Helen Ossterveen (e)EHLEN 600

13 Claire McGonigal (e)CMCG 600 YES

14 Steve Hall (e)THISISSPAIN 200

15 Chuck Gallagher (e)ETHICSPEAKER 500 YES

16 Kevin Strehlo (e)MARATHON 300 YES

17 Steven Spitz (e)VEGANPETMAN

18 Rohit Verma (e)IMROVER 50

19 Mick Say (e)MICKSAY

20 Cheryl Kissell (e)EZNG

21 Gabriele Lenga (e)DEXLEN

22 Robert Akeroyd (e)SUCCESS

23 Jeroen Van Zelst (e)VANZELST 400

24 Diny van den Bout (e)DINY

25 Sally K Witt (e)SALLYKWITT

26 Lucky Nugroho (e)LUQ 200 YES

27 David Sanger (e)DSP

28 Jason Ramsey (e)JASONRAMSEY

30 Jeff Hurt (e)JEFFHURT

31 Patricia Wilson (e)BRNDCTG

32 Anne Thomas (e)ANNET



UPDATE: Two Members of our Team have WON EARLY BIRD PRIZES:
Cyndee Haydon and Michael Robinson have each WON a Signed Limited Edition Muhammad Ali Print! Congratulations to each of you! More Early Bird Prizes will be Won along with the Grand Prize of 50 Pairs of Tickets to Las Vegas, all expenses! Good Luck...this seems to be a lucky group!!! Here is the Link to the Press Release

NOTE: If you belong to another Social Network you can still become apart of this team and you will be posted above as contributing.

Thank you and together we can make a positive change and show the world the power of Social Networks. Our Goal is to have 100 New Members Join via this initiative A Day Without Hunger

Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director
Global Village Champions Foundation