Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Importance of The Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards Nominations or "Votes" are about to close for 2012.  The nomination period closes on February 17, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST on Twitter and and culminates in a New York City awards ceremony this spring.

What are the Shorty Awards and why should you care?

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, by recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, and the rest of the social Web.

Global Village Champions Foundation has been nominated in a "Featured Category" Non-Profits and Activism for #Charity.  

We are very honoured to have received this  nomination.  We have been actively engaging on Social Media Platforms for the past two years sharing our Mission Statement to end world hunger.  In the past 19+ years we have fed over half a billion hungry people in every corner of the globe.  Our team of dedicated volunteers is determined to have delivered One Billion Meals. Our goal it to see "A Day Without Hunger" by December 31st. 2013.   

Listen to this less than 60 second video by Celine Dion - A Global Village Champion

 By simply taking less than 30 seconds to vote you are using your voice in Social Media to make a difference.  If you think that Global Village Champions Foundation is making a difference, help us spread the message.  The Shorty Awards is an amazing opportunity to receive world wide recognition at the presentation ceremony in New York City.  The ceremony is complete with a red carpet, celebrities and media coverage.

Nominate Global Village  for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Global Village for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

In the Spirit of  sharing and supporting each other, please also vote for our good friends who are also nominated for a Shorty Award:

Michael Q Todd  #green @mqtodd

A Broader View   #charity  #lifesavinghero #green #activism

Barn Yard Group #charity and #social media 

@MrHolise  #activism 

Thank you for helping us reach our goals. 
Join The Greatest Fight, The Fight Against Hunger 

Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director