Friday, July 29, 2011

Members Make a Difference #ADayWIthoutHunger

Global Village Champions Foundation has launched our 2011 Summer Membership Drive.  Yank Barry, our Founder and Chairman is excited to reward and meet 50 of our members and guests in Las Vegas for the most exciting boxing event of the year -  Pacquiao vs Marquez World Welterweight Champion Fight.

The The Members Only Draw will enter you  to win an all expense paid trip for two to Las Vegas with many  exciting events planned.

We felt it was important for you to know what we have accomplished this past year with the help of Champions and members from all around the world.  The world has seen some of the worst natural disasters in a generation and our Global village Champions Foundation has mobilized our resources and NGO partners to provide immediate provisions including water, food, medical supplies and basic necessities.

January 2010 - Devastating Earthquake Haiti
Global Village Champions chartered a private plane and was delivering aid to Haiti within three days of the quake and we flew 7 planeloads of water, food, medical supplies into Haiti in the weeks just following the earthquake.  Working with our partners, The Bahama's Red Cross and The Haitian Rotary and the UN we were able to deliver the needed supplies directly to those in need.
Critical Medical Supplies Flown into Haiti days after the Earthquake hit

Yank Barry our Founder delivering plane load of water to Haiti 

Orphans Safe and Protected - La Devine Mercy, Port au Prince
Our Foundation has continued our on going support to Haiti and we have adopted and taken stewardship for the orphan children at the La Devine Mercy Orphanage, Port au Prince Haiti

November 2010 - Yank Barry, Founder of Global Village Champions Foundation Receives 2010 Gussi Peace Prize "International Humanitarianism and Philanthropy" for his untiring efforts to End World Hunger.

2010 Laurette's Gusi Peace Prize, Manila Philippines 
10,000 Invited Guests watch as Yank Barry is Escorted to Stage to Receive The Gussi Peace Prize

In recognition of the excellent work of Ambassador Barry Gusi and his wife Dr. Evelyn Gussi  Mr. Yank Barry gifted to the poor children of the Philippines one million meals.

March 2011 - Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura, affectionately called ‘Mom. Joins Global Village as one of our "Champions" the great, great granddaughter of King Rama IV of Thailand, famously depicted with much license, in the beloved musical The King and I. 

"I am honored to join Yank Barry as a Global Village Champion and I truly rejoice with Yank and Yvette's merits in feeding the hungry, "The Perfect Incredible Couple". I am very proud of Yank & Yvette Barry and if we had a couple more of Yank & Yvette, this World will be a better place and we can change the World (World peace).” Mom

April 2011 - Devastating Floods Hit Thailand- The Foundation immediately donated rice and water to be distributed by Global Villagers to the hardest hit areas, Southern Thailand

During Televised Fund Raiser for Flood Victims, Yank Barry Donates 1 Million Meals and $50,000.00

Container arriving by ship of 1 Million Meals of Vita Pro

Vita Pro ready for distribution

March 2011 - Devastating tsunami and earthquake hits Japan - Global Village Champions medical team was in Japan on March 13th to relay their assessments back to Yank Barry.  Our immediate response was a donation of 10 tons of rice, 100 field emergency kits, 4 cases of first aid kits and $50.000.00 USD. These donations were made through the Salvation Army, Save The Children, Global Giving, Oxfam Japan, Care Canada and the Red Cross. To view our letters and receipts please visit "Making A Diffrence Page"

April 2011 - Devastating Tornado rips thru Southern United States - Global Village Champion volunteers immediately assessed the dire situation and donated to the Birmingham Salvation Army a truck load of water, over 9,200 bottles, energy bars and bratwurst.  Our Founder, Yank Barry immediately flew to Alabama and spent the day touring the devastation with Villager Cameron Jacques and John Tidwell of the Birmingham Salvation Army.

We have accomplished alot this year and we continue to provide aid as first responders in Natural Disasters as well as supporting our NGO partners The Salavation Army, Rotary, Care Canada, The Bahamas Red Cross and others.

The map illustrates countries where we have already delivered enough meals to feed every hungry person in the nation. The global food crisis is real. We are determined to do our part to help as many people as possible. Todate, Global Village Champions Foundation has delivered over 540 million meals world-wide.

Our current projects are focused in the Philippines and Mexico where Global Village Champions Foundation has committed to providing millions of meals to each country.  Yank Barry has just completed a visit to the Philippines were once again his love of children and generosity of heart has led to supporting a cancer hospice for children. Yank has donated to feed all of the children for one full year.

Ricky Reyes & Yank Barry visit Child Haus in the Philippines, committing to feeding the children for one year, the children are at Child Haus for the treatment of cancer. 

Won't you join us The Greatest Fight, The Fight Against World Hunger
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Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director
Global Village Champions Foundation