Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Yank Barry

Yank Barry, founder and Chairman of Global Village Champions Foundation celebrates a Birthday today!

 For those that do not know who this extraordinary man is I wrote a post about him here: Bio

So much has happened since I wrote his story.  Yank is tireless in his determination to see that no child goes to bed hungry no matter where they are in the world.  Our Foundation does not discriminate because of politics, race or geographical location.

In this past year millions of meals have been fed to people in the USA, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, The Philippines, Poland and Haiti.  Because of Yank's generosity the Foundation has also donated thousands of dollars to agencies that are working in countries that have suffered natural disasters, for example Turkey, Japan and Africa. For a complete list of agencies that we have financially supported: Making a Difference

I simply wanted to thank this special man, and wish him a very Happy Birthday! Your Rock Yank!

Celine Dion - Global Village Champion - Sings Happy Birthday

"Yank has given so much. He’s not only given his money, but his heart and soul. I’m proud of him. Everyone should take him as an example." Celine Dion

Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director
Global Village Champions Foundation