Thursday, November 24, 2011

Global Village Champions Foundation Volunteers Feeding People in Flood Ravaged Thailand

Global Village member volunteers in Thailand bring supplies by boat and cook hot nutritious meals for 450 people in a community inundated by flood waters. This is the definition of a Global Villager. Helping their neighbors in time of need both near and far.

Global Village Champions Foundation and Yank Barry donate 1 Million Meals of Vita Pro  A soy food product!

Flooded communities are only accessible by boats.
Floating in supplies to feed a community.
Boats float right into the buildings.
Global Village volunteers carry supplies up the stairs to the rooftop.
Cooking for 450 people on the rooftop.
Filling containers with hot nutritious meals of VitaPro.
More volunteers helping with the ingredients preparation.
Global Villager volunteer chef Koi dishing up hot meals.
Volunteers filling more insulated containers.
Distributing the hot meals to the community.
A rescued puppy with a belt for a collar.
Global Villagers receiving their reward. A hug from a child.
1 million meals of Vita Pro arriving at the docks in Thailand 

Villagers from all over the world volunteer their time and expertise to make a difference in their own community.  We are thankful that we have the means to supply food, water and medical supplies to areas that are effected by Natural Disasters. 

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Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director
Global Village Champions Foundation