Sunday, April 10, 2011

Support For Japan from Global Village Champions Foundation

Press Release ~ March 16th, 2011

Global Village Champions Foundation, in support of the earthquake and tsunami ravaged regions of Japan,has donated 10 tons of rice, 100 field emergency medical kits, 4 cases of first aid kits and $50,000.00 USD. These donations were made through the Salvation Army, Save The Children, Global Giving, Oxfam Japan, Care Canada and the Red Cross. A Global Village sponsored medical team reached Japan Sunday March 13 and relayed their assessments to Global Village founder and Chairman Yank Barry. It is not surprising that they stated, “It is impossible to appreciate the extent of the destruction without seeing it first-hand. The power of the tsunami was breathtaking. The obvious immediate needs for many displaced Japanese people are food, clean water and warm and dry shelter. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake appears to have damaged much of the country’s transportation infrastructure. The just-in-time stocking of grocery stores means that many food stores only have two to three days supply of food on hand at any moment. At present it seems as though there are major obstacles preventing the delivery of food and water to many grocery outlets in Japan.” Global Village Champions Foundation is committed to providing ongoing support to the exceptional organizations that are helping many Japanese residents to access the immediate necessities of life.

Reprinted from Article posted at  PR Web

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