Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Twitter Top Five Supporters

Every Thursday we will feature the Top Five Supporters on Twitter that help to spread our message to end world hunger. We truly appreciate you and thank you wonderful friends  who have taken the time to read our tweets and graciously re-tweet our message: This week we are very proud to feature:
♥ Happily Married ♥ Spiritual Seeker. Enjoys Travel, Beaches, Wine, Hiking and Photographing Nature.

Featured Tweet: @Ann_Tran #CharityTuesday shoutout to @ - we delivered 9,000 bottles of water, a truckload of food on Sunday to Birmingham, AL || RT @
 @JosetteSheeran Italy, Rome
My front line reports as head of The World Food Program WFP - the world's largest org. Innovations to FightHunger! (RT do not imply endorsement)

Featured Tweet: Congrats to @ Global Village Champ 4 Champion honorable mention for April. Read at @

@MQTodd ( Michael Q. Todd)
Loving EA right now - join us at A recovering lawyer now a Twitter strategist & love promoter in Tokyo.

Featured Tweet: To in go to this site:" Hands on Birmingham" and register RT @ @

 Misty Wuori
@Mysticle Charlotte, NC ~ USA
Marketing Chic | HappĪ³ Nature Girl, Embracing my Ness ♥ Sunsets & my Rescues, take lotsa Pics, write a Pets column on Examiner ☼ Li√e Green & Prosper ☼

 Featured Tweet: We've fed a lot of people - InfoMap of Countries where we've provided A Day Without Hunger RT @ @

 Jim Case
@jcase59 Lynnwood, Wa.
A single, 52 yrs. young biz ent., workout/fitness enthusiast, loves travel/motorcycles, on a delightful journey pursuing my goals while living my dream. 

Featured Tweet: @jcase59 via @ Donate a tweet a day 2 help raise awareness for Global Village Champions Foundation?

Help us Fight
The Greatest Fight
The Fight Against World Hunger

Jackie Bigford
Social Media Director

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